You’ve Got Lael Episode 31: Food, Farming and Social Change with Jen Williams

"My greatest hope is that by growing food, seeds, herbs, and medicines I can reconnect myself and my community to just and connected ways of living, giving, and connection with the living world.” - Jen Williams, Wild Dreams Farm and Seed

As a whole, we are unrooted people. 

Our modern lifestyle has caused us to lose our connection with the land, our history, and our interconnectedness.

The result can be a low-grade feeling of confusion, apathy, and anxiety. 

Your healing journey may lead you to a therapist or doctor’s office. It may lead you to a healer or guide. Or it may lead you to reconnect to yourself through nature.

Jen Williams is a mother, a youth mentor, and a farmer. She operates a farm-based seed company called Wild Dreams Farm and Seed on Vashon Island.  

For years she has been exploring this connection between the soil, the creatures, the earth, and its people. She’s deeply committed to the movements for climate and racial justice and sees re-rooting back to the land as a necessary part of our healing. 

I met Jen when we were wild, passionate, partying 20-somethings. We’ve since grown up, gotten sober, raised kids, and found ourselves in the fortunate and challenging position of being heart-centered entrepreneurs in a capitalistic society. 

I’ve witnessed Jen’s personal and professional journey - sometimes twisting and rough - but always being led by her values and her heart and her deep love of humanity. Spending time with her is like a balm to my soul because she reminds me of what really matters and what we are all capable of when we reconnect to ourselves through our food and the earth. 

I hope our conversation shows you that healing can come in many forms. The therapist’s office might not resonate with you. But putting your hands in the soil, watching the miracle of life burst from seed, and sharing the incredible abundance nature provides with others just might.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and as always we’d love to know what resonated for you.

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Jen's mentors mentioned in this podcast:

Rowan White of Sierra Seeds-

Vandana Shiva-

Winona LaDuke- and Honor the Earth-

Leah Penniman and Soul Fire Farm-

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