Attention business owners! Have you noticed business has changed? The strategies we were using prior to 2020 are not working. People are not investing, purchasing

For most of us, the holiday season is a trigger for unhealed hurts. The rifts in our relationships and in our culture can be painfully

Are you feeling stagnant or stale in your long-term relationship? Are you tired of feeling responsible for maintaining the passion in your marriage? Feeling like

Today we are talking about liminal spaces. Those times in our lives that feel unclear, foggy, uncertain. Times when we are in between one phase and

Rest is one of those seemingly simple concepts. Rest! How complex can that be? Doesn't everyone want to rest? Isn't rest inherently rewarding? If that

While the podcast is on a short break, please enjoy this replay of one of our most popular episodes. This episode first aired in October

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