Quarterly Planning Workshops 2024

Stay mindful of your intentions.

Renew your commitment to your goals.

Plan your next quarter.

Saturdays from 9- 11am PT Live | Online | Recorded

June 8, September 28

$99 for both workshops

Keep your New Year's intentions alive with our Quarterly Planning Workshops.
Experience firsthand the power of accountability, community, and coaching. 

How it works:

Every 12 weeks, we meet to reflect on what's working (and what's not) when it comes to living your intentions and accomplishing your goals. 

You'll create new action steps for the next 12 weeks, so you feel organized and aligned with your purpose.

There will be time for questions, sharing and coaching. 

You'll leave feeling focused, grounded, and energized for the months ahead.

Quarterly Planning Workshops 2024
Saturdays from 9-11 am PT
June 8, September 28
Live | Online | Recorded

What Is This?

In 2018, I led the first Design Your Year workshop. When the day was finished, the group that gathered asked if they could meet again throughout the year.

They were inspired by the process and wanted accountability for their goals.

They enjoyed being part of a community that was interested in living with more intention.

We decided to meet at the beginning of each season. Every 12 weeks. To share our accomplishments, revisit our goals (or intentions) and create new action steps for the season ahead.

And that's what we've done every year since!

Who is this for?

Quarterly Planning Workshops are for anyone who...

  • needs a moment to catch their breath
  • wants to live more intentionally
  • has personal or family goals to accomplish
  • is self-employed
  • wants structure and accountability to take action toward their dreams
  • needs support to be more organized
  • enjoys being part of a community of people committed to living their values and their purpose.

People of all genders welcome. 

No experience required.

What to Expect

Quarterly Planning Workshops are a  grounding, clarifying and inspiring experience.

We meet together for 2 hours online.

We begin with a grounding practice and short reflection.

We share our wins and celebrate each other's accomplishments. 

You'll be guided through a process of personal reflection.

Based on your goals and the reality of your life, you'll determine action steps for the next season. 

We'll address the places you feel stuck. 

You'll establish support and accountability for yourself. 

You'll leave feeling grounded and clear for the weeks ahead.

Date & Time

Saturdays 9-11 am PT
June 8, September 28
Live | Online | Recorded

About Lael:

Lael Petersen is a social worker and life coach with over 2 decades of experience in mental health and personal development. She has witnessed the transformative power of knowing oneself deeply, cultivating self-love, and growing in community with others. Her coaching, retreats and workshops are both intuitive and practical. Learn more about her at laelpetersen.com

What People Are Saying...

“My partner and I are both anticipating career/job changes this year and my eldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so it’s important we be on the same page to keep things consistent and organized. I am beyond grateful for this process. It’s helping us feel clear about our plans and will no doubt free up more time for family fun. Thank you!”  - ML, teacher, mother of 3

“This is my second time through your workshop, but it's the first time I've really scheduled out my quarters in a realistic way. There has been such value to get longer term business ideas out of my head and onto a calendar. Gone are the panicky night time thoughts because I know I allotted time for it later. I feel freed by this process.” - CN, artist and entrepreneur

“From last weekend’s workshop, I realized I have been limiting my potential. I’ve been holding back because of what others might think. This workshop has shown me I can have the life I have been afraid to even dream of or even put on paper. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration.”  - BH, contractor/auditor


Both Workshops: June 8, September 28