How to Get Unstuck

When you’re feeling stuck or like you’re backsliding into outdated habits, here’s what you can do.

  1. Notice everything that’s going well.
    Write down all the ways you are making progress or positive change in your life. Especially all the little ways (micro habits) because that’s what add up to those bigger changes you want to see. What you focus on expands. Want more change? Focus on what you’re doing already.
  2. Remember your WHY.
    Write down (or reread) why you want this change. Your first answer is never the real answer. Go deeper. Keep asking yourself why until you want to cry. That’s when you know you’ve reached your true motivation. Connect with that again. Remember why this change is so important to you. Post it where you can see it. It will rekindle your motivation and give you the kick in the butt you need.
  3. Take one small step today and celebrate it.
    Forget re-writing your plan, starting on Monday, or waiting until next week. Do it today. Drink a glass of water right now. Put your phone down and go outside. Call your mom already. Whatever it is, do it today in the smallest way and then you can stop saying you aren’t doing anything. All change is is a series of small steps – not some lightning bolt moment. So make a small step today and then another one and celebrate the fact that you are not stuck anymore.
  4. Get some perspective.
    Zoom out. Like waaaaay out. Like up into the stars. Float around for a bit. Then look back at our planet. Look at the wonder and amazement of life. Look at all the people all over the world doing the best they can. Look at all the pain and beauty and mystery. Then ask yourself, how much does _____matter? Is it worth spending your time in all the turmoil and shame of your pants size when there’s so much more to this one wild and precious and crazy life?
  5. Love yourself.
    Lasting transformation of body and mind comes from loving yourself. Period. What can you do to show yourself some tenderness today? Some encouragement? How can you be your own best friend?

Personal growth is a practice. It’s never a straight line. Knowing how to keep going is the key. Hope some of these ideas are helpful to you. If so, drop me a line and let me know!