You’ve Got Lael Episode 57: Is it Self-Care or Self-Harm? with Steff Gallante

In this episode, we're talking about something I think we benefit from talking about again and again: stress, burn out, and self-care.

My guest is Steph Gallante, an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and Self-Care Coach and has a lot of wisdom to share on this topic.

Steff and I talk about something else we think is important the self-care conversation - the specific ways dominant culture impacts how we care for ourselves (or don't.)

We discuss...

- Steph's mission as a self-care coach with a focus on social justice and equity.

- The (sometimes unspoken but always felt) expectation that we conform to certain standards and ways of being.

- How Ayurveda and yoga can help us align with nature's rhythms (and therefore our body's rhythms)

- Permission to trust ourselves and acknowledge what we need in this season of life.

Different types of rest

Let us know what stood out for you and what you want to add to this conversation. You can find us at the links below.

Steff's bio:

Steff Gallante (she/her) is an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and Self-Care Coach.

Her mission is to disrupt the status quo of society’s view of self-care, mental health, overall well-being, and most importantly: who gets to feel well. Steff’s work centers on guiding clients who are disrupting oppressive systems in the world in creating a lifestyle of mindful self-care to support their mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health.

She empowers her clients through one-on-one and group sessions to uplift their day-to-day well-being and mental health by incorporating yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, and Ayurveda self-care practices. Steff’s services provide holistic support so her clients can be more fully resourced, authentically show up in the world to support their communities, navigate everyday stress, work through the effects of trauma, and promote more ease and joy in their daily lives in a deeply personal and sustainable way.

Steff is an avid reader, sky watcher, and lover of dance. She is also a lecturer for Rutgers University's Department of Kinesiology and she facilitates wellness workshops for businesses, organizations, and schools.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Steff Gallante's website

Steff's podcast

The Wholistic Self-Care Collective

Summer Community CircleJune 20

The 7 Types of Rest by Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

The Invisible Kingdom: Reimagining Chronic Illness by Meghan O'Rourke

What is Ayurveda?

Lael's Belong To You Habits program

Summer Planning Workshop June 10

Save the Date: Belong to You Retreat November 9-12 - Our theme is REST!

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