You’ve Got Lael Episode 50: How Planning Can Be Self-Care

This show is all about the Design Your Year Workshop - a yearly visioning and planning process I've facilitated for the past six years.

Our Guests

Shireen (she/her) is a parent, performance artist and entrepreneur who has used the workshop to organize her family and her business for the past 4 years. While dreaming big is not a challenge for Shireen, the workshop helps her put those dreams into action.

Rachelle (she/her) is a busy mom of two young children who also works full-time as a research coordinator at a local university. She first signed up for the workshop at a time when her life felt incredibly overwhelming. She returns to this process every year for the inspiration, clarity and accountability it provides.

Juliana (she/her) is also a parent and partner with a full life inside and outside her home. She finds the workshop powerful in the way it clarifies what's important to her and helps prioritize what needs her attention in the year to come. Juliana appreciates the connections she's made in this community that gathers year after year for this workshop.

Design Your Year Workshop

Friday, January 6

9 - 3 pm PT


Payment plans available

Details and registration here!

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