You’ve Got Lael Episode 40: What Creates Change


I've been thinking a lot about what creates change. Like, what qualities or tools do we need to actually create change in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

I mean, there are a 1000 different takes on this. Everyone promising they have the keys or magic to make our lives whole. It's so easy for me to get bogged down and confused.

Should I be doing this?

What about that?

One morning, after asking the Universe directly to "please show me what I'm supposed to be doing next," I received this download.

Actually, it was more like a thought that felt clear and reassuring, so I immediately wrote it down. It was...

Curiosity. Compassion. Community.

Now, while I was the Universe asking for clarity about my work - I think these three words can be useful for any challenge we're dealing with. So that's what I'm sharing with you today.

I want to explore how we can cultivate curiosity, compassion and community as a means for moving through difficult times, and how they can move us forward in ways we haven't experienced before.

Take a listen. Let me know what you stood out for you and what you would add to this conversation. I love that.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rebecca Greenidge of JORE Consulting

Kristen Neff of

The Journey: A growth community for women 

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