You’ve Got Lael Episode 26: Creating Your Three Year Vision

You've Got Lael Episode 26

Life has changed and so have you.

You want to live your life with intention and purpose. Despite what life has thrown at you. 

With the Design Your Year Workshop, you will: 

✨ Get clear about what’s important to you

✨ Set clear intentions for the year

✨ Design actions steps to reach them

✨ Feel aligned with your values and your purpose

This workshop is both intuitive and practical. The process will leave you feeling grounded and organized for 2022. 

You don’t have to be a “planner” to get something out of this. The process alone is illuminating and inspiring. 

You’ll leave with a clear direction for 2022 and the steps to take to get you there. 

The Design Your Year 2022 Workshop on January 8 includes a fully-guided live workshop, video lessons, a workbook, and resources for: 

✨ Reflecting and Visioning

✨ Goal Setting and Planning

✨ Accountability and Support

Design Your Year Workshop

Saturday, January 8, 2022

9am - 3pm PT

Register at

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This episode is brought to you by Lael Petersen Coaching. Lael Petersen Coaching provides dynamic coaching for women who want to know themselves on a deeper level, shift outdated habits, and live their lives with purpose. If you are tired of talking about your problems and are ready to grow and change, let’s talk.


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