Doing Less

I’m entering a time of rest. Wintering in summer you could say.

In light of this decision, I decided to cancel / not attend two things on my schedule yesterday. I chose to rest instead.

I literally laid on my lawn chair in my backyard and watched the sky.

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but for my friends who are prone to…saying yes

  • over scheduling
  • feeling obligated
  • prioritizing fear over pleasure

…you know this is huge.

And guess what?

It didn’t feel great.

I had to get up and take a walk at one point because I felt restless with anxiety & guilt.

Clearly, a part of me was not okay with not doing what I “should” do!

But I’ve learned to just observe my feelings when I’m like this. And when I did yesterday, I noticed this larger, quieter part of myself that was totally okay with it.

It was like, “It’s all good.”

Yesterday’s experience reminded me that every experience is an opportunity for growth if we’re willing to look for it.

I really have no clue where this decision to “do less” will take me.

All I know is that while I may be doing less, I’m pretty sure I’ll be growing more.