Design Your Year Workshop 2024

A New Year is here!  Let's live with intention and purpose.

You have TWO options: 

Saturday, January 20   9 am - 3 pm  -  In Portland, OR


Sunday, January 21    9 am - 3 pm Pacific  -  Live via Zoom

With the Design Your Year Workshop, you will:

  • Get clear about what matters to you
  • Set meaningful intentions / goals for the year ahead
  • Create a step-by-step action plan
  • Feel aligned with your purpose

This workshop is both intuitive and practical.

The process will leave you feeling grounded and organized for 2024. 

You don’t have to be a “planner” or a "goal getter" to get something out of this. The process alone is illuminating and inspiring. 

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of what matters to you, a clear direction for 2024, and the steps to get you there. 

You have two choices for the Design Your Year Workshop
Saturday, Jan 20  9 am - 3 pm  -  In Portland, OR (lunch included)
Sunday, Jan 21 9 am - 3 pm Pacific  -  Online via Zoom

Who is this for?

The Design Your Year Workshop is for anyone who...

  • feels overwhelmed by the pace of life
  • wants to be intentional with their time and energy
  • has personal or family goals
  • is self-employed 
  • wants structure and accountability to take action toward their dreams
  • needs support to be more organized
  • enjoys being part of a community of people committed to living their values and their purpose.

People of all genders welcome. 

No experience required.

What to Expect

The Design Your Year Workshop is like a personal retreat with yourself. It is grounding, clarifying and inspiring.

We meet together as a group either in-person in Portland, OR or online.

The Design Your Year Workshop provides coaching and resources for...

  • Reflecting and Visioning
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Accountability and Support

About Lael:

Lael Petersen is a social worker and life coach with decades of experience in mental health and personal development. She has witnessed the transformative power of knowing oneself deeply, cultivating self-love, and growing in community with others. Her individual coaching, group retreats and workshops are both intuitive and practical. Learn more about her at

What People Are Saying...

“My partner and I are both anticipating career/job changes this year and my eldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so it’s important we be on the same page to keep things consistent and organized. I am beyond grateful for this process. It’s helping us feel clear about our plans and will no doubt free up more time for family fun. Thank you!”  - ML, teacher, mother of 3

“This is my second time through your workshop, but it's the first time I've really scheduled out my quarters in a realistic way. There has been such value to get longer term business ideas out of my head and onto a calendar. Gone are the panicky night time thoughts because I know I allotted time for it later. I feel freed by this process.” - CN, artist and entrepreneur

“From last weekend’s workshop, I realized I have been limiting my potential. I’ve been holding back because of what others might think. This workshop has shown me I can have the life I have been afraid to even dream of or even put on paper. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration.”  - BH, contractor/auditor


Saturday, January 20  
9 am - 3 pm 

at Mildred Hall
5138 NE 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211


Payment Plans Available

Sunday, January 21
9 am - 3 pm Pacific


Payment Plans Available