Bonus Episode: Identifying Your Core Values Workshop

Episode 10: Exploring Your Intuition

Do you know what you stand for?
Could you tell someone your core values and how they guide your life?

Identifying your core values and making them center in your life helps you know what you stand for, make better decisions and take aligned action.

Knowing your core values is like having a personal, internal compass. Your values give your life meaning and purpose. They act as an anchor when life gets stormy.

But how do you identify your core values?

In this bonus episode, I'll guide you through a process to identify your core values, and show you how you can use them daily to create a more purposeful life.

You will learn:
What core values are
How to identify your core values
How to use them for decision making
How core values provide direction and meaning in your life

Additional resources to support your process:

Identifying Family Values Worksheet
Family Meetings Mini-Course
The Ultimate List of Personal Values from Scott Jeffrey
7 Ways to Apply Your Personal Values in Daily Life

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